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Daven C. Hainsworth Sr.

Online Ministry Pastor

The Online Ministry at COJC is intended to promote engagement with our online family providing timely updates and announcements through our Live Stream and Social Media platforms. I am honored to be appointed the Online Ministry Pastor and am excited about what God is doing. We must reach out and tell the world, as many that will hear, that the time for Jesus’ coming is very, very near. No Soul Left Behind…

To stay Informed and Connected with the COJC Nation, including LIVE Feed notifications and announcements, please take a moment and complete the information below. Be sure to use a valid email address.

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Ethel Newsom

Get Connected Ministry Leader
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Latonral Hardin

Get Connected Ministry Staff
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Wyone & Amber Webb

Get Connected Ministry Staff
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Emma Cullpepper

Get Connected Ministry Staff
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Walter and Tamla Gordon

COJC Assistant Pastor / Ministerial Alliance Leaders

This Ministry is for those with a call of Servantude on their life as a Minister, Mother, Missionary, Deacon or Armor Bearer. The goal is to be the front line in assisting the Pastor to advance the Kingdom of God. One MUST have a servants heart and a spirit of humility. As a servant in the Lord’s Kingdom, you should be readily available for whatever is needed. Duties can include Care for the needs of the general membership, Outreach, Intercessory Prayer, Baptisms, etc. All clergy are trained & licensed through COJC The Institute of Biblical Studies

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Kendra Smith

Media & Online Ministry Leader

Do you like going online, Photography, video editing, social media, operating a video camera, etc… This ministry caters to different audiences by reaching them through different streams of media to make people aware of what is going on at C.O.J.C. and ultimately lead those listening and/or watching to have a better relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Monica Roper

HUGS Ministry Leader

H.U.G.S. stand for Hospitality, Ushers, Greeters, & Security. HUGS is the “Customer Service Department” of the Ministry. Our goal is to provide a safe environment while striving to make people feel loved from the time they enter the parking lot, until the last car leaves. One should be a good on the spot decision maker, naturally friendly, have a spirit to help and observant of their surroundings.

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Michael & Tia Harvey

Pastoral Care Ministry Leaders

The Ministry name speaks for itself. The Pastoral Care team is responsible for making sure the needs of our First family are met. They oversee special days such as The Pastoral Anniversary, acknowledgements acknowledgment of Bishop & Lady Matthews Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary, as well as Mothers Day & Fathers Day. This Ministry Team also works closely with the Armor Bearer Staff and Hospitality Ministry.

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Pastor Larry Hunter

Transportation Outreach Ministry Leader

Who’s Got You? We got you! This Ministry Is always looking for willing workers to be a driver and/or monitor to pick up our youth and people in the community for Church!

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Monte Lee

Music & Sacred Arts Ministry Leader

Do you play an instrument? Did you play in the band or sing in the choir? What about school plays? Do you enjoy dancing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The Music & Sacred Arts Ministry is looking for you. This performing arts ministry incorporates music, drama, & dance to enhance the Worship experience at COJC.

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Charles & Linda Pruitt

Married Couples Ministry Leaders

This Ministry serves Married Couples in and out of COJC. Fellowships are quarterly and include a wide range of activities for marriage enrichment. Pre-Marital Counseling for members is also provided through this Ministry. We encourage all Married Couples to join us at our Annual “Love & Marriage Retreat” hosted by Bishop & Lady Matthews every February. The next Retreat will take place on a cruise to the Bahamas!

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Edmund Hinkson

MoMENtum Ministry Leader

Strong men make strong husbands. Strong husbands make strong families. Strong families make strong Churches. The Brotherhood Ministry is open to all Brothers! Join us for Prayer, Breakfast & Fellowship every other month. All Brothers 13 & Up are welcome to join our Men’s Choir, which rehearses immediately after our Prayer Breakfast.

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Tasha Hinkson

Sisterhood Ministry Leader

Nothing can stand against the power of a praying woman! The Sisterhood Ministry is open to all Ladies 18 & Up! Join us for Prayer, Breakfast, Fellowship & various activities every other month as we unite to strengthen, encourage and uplift one another in Christ to be the women God has ordained us to be.

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Minister Rebecca Shelly

50 Forward Ministry Leader

This Ministry serves those in the age category of 50 and above through, support, fellowship, fun, and engagement.

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Alan & Tanya Mahacek

Young Adult Ministry Leaders

You are in a special season of your life. You have transitioned from planning to building your life. The Young Adult Ministry serves those in the age group of 26-49. This ministry focus on specialties that relate to this ministry on a quarterly basis (Parent’s Night Out, Homebuyer’s Class, Credit, Building Class, etc.) The goal is to connect young adults on a spiritual and social level, with the intent of coaching them towards Christ-like maturity.

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Chris & Tara Harris

Promise Keepers Ministry Leaders

We encourage all parents to sign your children up to be a Promise Keeper. Our mission is to teach our youth to avoid the Spiritual ADHD Killers: Alcohol, Drugs, Homosexuality & Dysfuntional Friends. The Youth Ministry serves to engage all youth to have a relationship with Christ at an early age. Our Youth is served through our Dream Academy, which focuses on academic success & spirituality. Dream Academy is divided into four ministries: College, Teen, Pre-Teen & Elementary Level.

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Nicole Rowan

Global Outreach Executive Director

Do you write grants? Have special skills or connections and would like to help advance the Kingdom? If so, our CDC is looking for you! The Global Outreach Community Development Corporation seeks to promote and advance community wholeness by providing basic needs, spiritual stability, and awareness through education with the vision of uplifting mankind.

Any member that is interested in joining one of these impactful ministries is encouraged to fill out the form below, including a valid email address.  Please be sure to fill out the form above to get updates and information from the COJC Nation.