Pastor Walter C. Gordon was born to the late Rogers E. Gordon Sr. and Annie B. Gordon. He is the fourth born of nine siblings (4 boys and 5girls). He is a Nashville native and also has roots in Orrville, Alabama, where he spent years becoming cultivated in “the country life.”

Educated in both the Nashville and Orville schools, he has furthered his education by attending Concordia College in Selma, AL. He is a graduate of Tennessee State University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree with concentrations in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Psychology.

Pastor Gordon was born of the water in Jesus Name on March 18, 2001, and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on May 27th of that same year. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ in Nashville, TN, under the pastorate of Bishop Fred Matthews, Jr. This is the birthing place of his ministry, where he answered the calling of God upon his life. As an Ordained Minister and Elder, he has been serving in all facets of the ministry for the past 13 years. Some of his roles have included serving as Minister of Music, Director of Liberal Arts, and Director of Evangelism. Currently, he serves in multiple areas which include being the Assistant Pastor for The Church of Jesus Christ, an Armorbearer, Praise & Worship Leader, Director of Ministerial Alliance, an Instructor for both the Institute of Biblical Studies and New Members Orientation.

Pastor Gordon not only has a great passion for the ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but his passion also extends to his love for music. He loves to sing and write music and uses these God-given gifts for nothing but the edification of the Kingdom of God. Some of his other hobbies include basketball, bowling, and weight lifting.

Pastor Gordon is the husband of Evangelist Tamla V. Gordon. In this day and time where homosexuality and divorce are prevalent, it is important to note that Pastor Gordon believes that marriage is Holy in the sight of God and is between a man and a woman. As a worshipper and an anointed vessel of the Lord, Pastor Gordon stands on the Word of God. His passion for carrying out the calling of God on his life and for souls being saved is seen throughout his everyday life. In his walk with the Lord, he continues to grow in God by being a blessing to others and fulfilling the mandate that our risen King has been placed upon his life.


Walter and Tamla Gordon
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